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"If it's hard for you, then you're climbing the mountain. If it's easy for you, then you're falling into the abyss.»

Henry Ford

Due to the increasing number of cases of fraud, as well as the appearance of  twins-sites, please note that investment adviser Maxim Sergeevich Volkov IS NOT RELATED to the project "Rustrading (Рустрейдинг)", which uses false information about the involvement of Maxim Sergeevich Volkov in the services provided by them.


At the moment, Maxim Sergeevich Volkov (INN 772821754767) is the only Maxim Volkov included in the register of investment advisors of the Bank of Russia and entitled to provide services in the field of investment consulting.


This site it is the only official website of Maxim Sergeevich Volkov, which is confirmed by the data of the Unified register of investment advisors on the Bank of Russia website. Investment adviser Maxim Sergeevich Volkov does not use the help of third parties to call and search for potential clients, does not open accounts, provide analytics services, tips, signals, training, webinars and courses.


More than 15 years in finance, management and asset management.


Expert in investment consulting, crisis management and strategies.

Leadership skills, strong analytics and a team of professionals - the key to successful implementation of ambitious projects from scratch.

13 years of work in ATON group, one of the largest investment groups in Russia.  Rose throught the ranks from a Specialist of the Treasury to a Partner of the company.


Was being an independent member of the Supervisory Board of the National Clearing Center for 4 years.


Have been developing new products and improving the risk management system of the Moscow Exchange.


Particiaped in work of National Association of stock market participants (NAUFOR).

In 2016, I have acquired and headed the Investment Group "Grandis Capital". Over the three years of my management the assets of "Grandis capital"'s clients have grown more than fivefold.

In 2019, I became the first individual entrepreneur in Russia who is a professional participant in the securities market, and was included in the Unified register of investment advisors of the Bank of Russia.


I know how to build a full-fledged platform for investment and brokerage business in Russia and international markets. I know what crisis management is.

I am sure that main component of investment business - Trust. Trust which is more between people than between companies, institutions and brands. The only way to earn Trust is to be competent in what you do, to offer your Clients only what you sure you can do and always be responsible for your words and actions.




Elaboration and analysis of investment strategies

Audit of existing investment portfolios

Investment Advisor services


Advising on all issues arising during the investments of medium and large capitals:

  • tax planning

  • structuring of assets and capital

  • cost optimization and risk minimization in investing


Crisis management of investment business (professional participants of the securities market, private investment projects)


Disclosure of mandatory information in accordance with the Instruction of Bank of Russia from 28.12.2015 N 3921-U (ed. from 19.03.2018) "On the composition, volume, procedure and timing of disclosure of information by professional participants of the securities market" (Registered in the Ministry of justice of Russia 01.02.2016 N 40909):

Individual entrepreneur Maksim Sergeevich Volkov ( hereinafter M.S. Volkov)

Tax Identification No ( INN)  772821754767

Phone number  +7(903)722-22-67

E-mail address

Starting from 10th of June, 2019 M.S. Volkov is included to Unified Register of Investment Advisors of Central Bank of Russia under No 44 and is a professional participant of securities market.


Starting from 5th of July, 2019 M.S. Volkov is a member of Self-regulating Organization The National Association of Stock Market Participants (NAUFOR).

When performing his activities as a professional participant of the securities market M. S. Volkov is guided by the Basic standard for performing operations on the financial market by an Investment advisor of the Self-regulating Organization The National Association of Stock Market Participants (in the part that has entered into force).

On the current date no annual accounting ( financial) statements were filed with Tax Authoritiy. 

On the current date no interim accounting ( financial) statements were prepared. On the current date no calculation of own funds was made.

    Sample of contract offered by professional participant of  securities market to his clients when providing services.

The facts of technical failures and the facts of resumption of efficiency in the automated systems of M.S. Volkov are not recorded.

Legal disputes involving M.S. Volkov are absent.